You have been thinking one way.
Now you have to think a different way.




Change your money mind, Change your life.

Break through the emotional stress around Money.We work with you individually or through our leading edge workshops to help you achieve your emotional and financial freedom.

Our Commitment:

Full Self-Expression:

Being able to stand in your element without fears.

Strong Leadership:

Being someone that can powerfully lead and be a role model for future leaders.


Being able to accomplish what you set your mind to do.

Daniela Sanalitro

Daniela, since the young age of 13, was always intrigued with the psychology of the mind and exploring different natural ways to stay healthy. In the process, she learned, applied and shared all those techniques with family and friends. Throughout her career as an accountant, she passionately empowered and mentored her team members. It is recently, after four big signs from the Universe, which she has chosen to live her dream and do what she always loved and exactly the way she loves it!

Daniela’s unique approach offers those beginning or going through their awakening journey a pure loving and non-judgmental space to share their challenges. Her experience lies in overcoming resistance, fear and procrastination as well as loving yourself and listening to your body.

She holds a CPA, CMA designation and has been working in the accounting field for over 20 years. She is also Law of Attraction certified and has completed multiple leadership seminars, programs and courses.

Ramzi Cheety

From childhood to young adulthood, Ramzi lived through war which is where his spiritual being evolved. Ramzi volunteered with the Red Cross during the war, which allowed him to help others. Although war is not something that we ever praise, this opportunity that was given to Ramzi due to the war ignited the passion to give and be for others.

This new spark led him to helping others understand the true meaning of life, who they are and why they are here is Ramzi’s passion. He has been able to apply and empower others to practice this understanding in all areas of their lives – emotional, financial and relationships – and at both the personal and professional levels.

Ramzi is a Director of Finance & Treasury for a multinational company situated in Montreal and responsible for Montreal, UK, India, Malaysia & China. Ramzi holds a bachelor In Accounting and Finance and has over 20 years of experience in this field. Ramzi is also a Reiki Master Level 4, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Polarity Therapy, Licensed NLP Practitioner and also holds a Law of Attraction Certificate.