• The power of belief

      September 13, 2015
      The power of belief

      When we look at our world by analyzing our past, evaluating our present and envisioning our future, we tend to question

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    • The power of belief

      When we look at our world by analyzing our past, evaluating our present and envisioning our future we tend to question

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      Change Your Story - Change Your Life

      Frank Schorpion has been a professional actor in Montreal for the past twenty-five years or so and has had the chance to work in both french and english film ant T.V. production. Lately he started giving conferences and workshops that deal mostly with creating peace in our lives. 20 years ago, he went through a difficult period in his life battling intense anxiety which ultimately transformed itself into a depression.    Determined to create health for himself without the use of medication, he embarked on a journey of healing which took him all across North America. He studied with some of the best teachers and healers on the planet. Namely Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Sophia Cayer. What he shares in his conference is his own personal story of healing and how all of us can heal aspects of our selves with the simple techniques he's learned. He teaches a technique called Mind Method which is an amalgamation of several modalities, principally The Work of Byron Katie, and a modified version of EFT or emotional freedom technique. Having been an actor for all these years, his presentations are touching, entertaining and informative. 




      Prepare for the Unexpected and Be Ready for the Inevitable!

      With over 20 years on the police force and 12 of those years as a detective sergeant, Sotiria Klironomos has had to meet with hundreds of families of deceased persons, all too unprepared for what had to be done when losing someone. What decisions need to be made? Where do they start? Where do they find it? Sotiria will discuss how families can get organized for when the inevitable happens. With the Nyzovie Heritage kit, there will be no questions only answers.
      *Kits will be available for sale. This Café will be presented by Sotiria Klironomos.



      Exploring Inner Space: Journey Beyond Yourself

      Are you searching and yearning for a richer and more meaningful creative life? Transform your relationship with yourself! A 3-step process is presented to achieve inner freedom and happiness. Based on the essence of the great spiritual teachings of the ages, a simple and practical way to untie the knots of the human condition is shared so that one’s soul may fly. We will look at internal energy, the importance of letting go when it comes to change in our life, suffering, self, imposed walls or limits within our life, the power of non resistance. Learn what you can do each day to find inner peace and freedom. Open the door to a life of self-realization and happiness. This Café will be presented by Marc D’Ambrosio.